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2011-12.   SFPB,  1975-81

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San Francisco Poster Brigade Archive

    The posters on these pages were among hundreds of designs posted publicly by the San Francisco Poster Brigade and supporters 1975-1982. The artist, Rachael Romero was a cofounder of the SFPB (briefly known as the Wilfred Owen Brigade after the Anti-WW1 poet,) and its principal artist.  All the posters on this site were  designed by Rachael Romero with the belief that art is not a commodity but a door to transformation of self and society.

     A limited numbers of vintage archival posters  and/or  Archival copies are available. One unique complete collection is extant. For information about the collection; permission; rights

LINO-CUT  Victory to the Freedom Fighters of Southern Africa

by Rachael Romero, SFPB 1977

VICTORYtotheFREEDOM..SA(c)Rachael Romero77

Boycott Nestle Poster  poster

by Rachael Romero SFPB 1978

Nestle Poster MASTER poster by Rachael Romero SFPB SFPB poster exhihit copy SFPB3 Exhibit POSTER BRigade images by Rachael Romero